Saturday, September 1, 2012

My steps to finish an order!

Do you know the basic way to finish an order???
Today, I will show you my way to finish an order step by step! 

1) I ask images from the clients. Sometimes they have clear one, sometimes not. is hard is they have none...

2) I make rough sketches based on their images, again, if they have any!
If it is not what they want, we will talk and talk, making variations.

3) After making a rough sketch with a solid image, make it clean for inking.

4) I inked on PC this time, so technically, didn't ink at all... (not always, though!)
I drew each character on each layer this time. When they don't seem to make no arrangement, I draw all the characters on the same layer.
Shading for each and make some adjustment, checking the balance.

4) Then I make some effects on the background and suggest where the title should take place.

5) They use the drawing in various ways...

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