Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The disaster on March 11th in Japan.

Dear all my friends and people who come to this blog,

On March11th, we got a disaster.

We had a tremendously big earthquake and several tsunamis on that day.
We still have aftershocks.

I was locked inside of my apartment and got a glass and plate broken.
But I was released and all the mess in the room was cleaned up.
To me, it is all about the actual damages.

However, t is very true that some areas of my country utterly destroyed.
Lots of people died in destroyed houses and by tsunami.
Although I and my family haven't gotten injured, my heart is so broken.

Again, my family, my friends, and I are all OK.
Please don't worry, my dear friends all over the world.
(There is no tsunamis in Tokyo.)

Please pray for those in the areas which directly got big tsunamis and bigger quakes.
Pray for them, who had hard time to get foods, water, electric supplies, warms...

We all thank you, sending us big, warm thoughts and hearts.
We all thank the countries, sending people and all those supplies.

Thank you very much.


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