Friday, May 28, 2010

Ongoing Project with WACOM

Here I show some photos from an ongoing project with WACOM,
which is a world company of pen-tablet.
The first article has already been uploaded here.

In this project, I am teaching how to use Bamboo tablet and "Illust Studio" to an idle girl, Arisa Kumazawa.
*I teach "Comic Studio" at a school. "Illust Studio" is a different software but similar to it. So I can teach it too... (I believe I am capable!!)

Arisa is a freshman in high school, who loves art.
She is very tall like a model, but has a very cute face!
and... she is always nice to everyone!
Well, a bit clumsy, but it made her look much lovelier, I guess :)

...On the project itself, actually, I "was" teaching Illust Studio techniques only at the beginning.
After all, I have had to teach from figure-drawing...

It's been so hard to teach what I haven't taught (figure-drawing).
But Arisa has been working so hard and getting better and better!!

It is a great pleasure for teachers that students get such a progress.
It will be my sweet memory to have such a good student.

The shooting took a place in one of the meeting rooms of WACOM. (WACOM is such a big company!)
I hadn't seen this kind of light!!

I wish I was better looking...
I had no chance to lose my weight before the shooting got done!

Just a few things to be done, but the project is almost done.
I have to work hard!!!!


  1. it's Phil! I have a wacom bamboo!! It is very nice! Akiko san is teaching an Idol? I'm jealous now :(
    I think you look fine on the shoot, cute in a funny way :D and this pic with the light is pretty!

  2. hi Phil!
    Thanks for your comment :)
    I am glad to see you here.

    So you are jealous?? If I were a boy, I would be, too... She is so cute!
    I will email you later, soon!