Friday, February 12, 2010

The Books in These 5 Years. (Magazines are NOT included.)

It was about a month ago that I wrote my first article.
How many articles do people usually post in a month??
I think I am not a good blogger...

Well, this time, I would like to introduce the books I drew for in these five years.
I have drawn many pieces (like 2-3 in a month, which is 50-90 pages),
but most of them are just for magazines and they haven't published as a "book."

The books I completely did, including their covers:

"Case Study 100 - Respiratory System" Dec. 2009.
(Kind of a text book for nurses, or students studying nursing.)

This and the previous one below were something I had really a hard time...
I have to learn a lot of words, cases, diseases, etc.
Also, some people in the medical fields have never read comic (!).
Thus it was really hard to interprete their idea to the comic-story, and to explain how it should be like (as comc).

Well, they are all done and good (funny) memory now :)

"Case Study 100 - Cardiovascular System" Aug. 2005.

The Books in which I drew a piece:

"The Japanese Fixers" Jan. 2008.

"Sex Elite" Sep. 2007.

(Sounds like erotic, but not at all.
The stories are about women, fighting
against the prejudice, social problems, etc.)

"Lafcadio Hearn's Japanese Ghost Stories" May. 2007.

(My piece was, at first, just a sample for the publisher.
But the Sean, the writer, talked them and put it in the book! )

Most of them are available in Japan.

So if you come here, just take a look at big book stores!!!

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